Friday, September 04, 2009

Paula Rae Gibson - In The Dark

Paula Rae Gibson is performing In The Dark on 8 September, 6 October.

We have tickets for £5. Email me on if you want to be on the list.

The basic facts are that Paula Rae Gibson is a singer, a songwriter, a photographer and a filmmaker but with Paula the devil is in the detail. Her husband, film director Brian Gibson died in 2004, after which Paula threw herself into her art partly in order to distract herself from her pain and create artefacts that offered some sense of pleasure and release.

Her debut CD, written as a direct response to her husband's death, No More Tiptoes, was released in 2007. The track We Blow It Everytime was selected as one of Time Out magazine's top ten of the year. PRG followed up with 2008's Maybe Too Nude which she recorded with Goldfrapp's Will Gregory. Paula's third CD Rather Make Believe Than Make Do is due early in 2010.

In her two books of photographs, Diary of a Love Addict (2006) and (Fear I Know Not) I'll Always Walk Away (2007) she is most often the subject; mixing sensuality, loss, passion and pain with autobiographical texts against artistically stressed /treated images in ways that are thoughtful, philosophical and erotic. Paula has exhibited in LA and Brussels as well as in various London galleries.

Paula scripted, composed the music for, and acted in, What Are You Doing Forever? which was screened as part of the Portobello Film Festival, and her video The Poet Without Tragedy won the prize for the Best Music Video at the 2009 Independent Film Festival.

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