Friday, March 29, 2013

Soho jazz venues. What are they now?

Linked in to my project on Lost London Jazz Venues, and also a talk that I am about to give on jazz in Soho, I did a walk around the area to try and find out where many of them are. As well as lots of photos, I came back with a terrible cold, even though it was already 26 March (due to the cold weather and wind) I enjoyed also a quick trip for coffee and eclair to fortify me in Maison Bertaux.

100 Club

Original Marquee, under Academy Cinema, Oxford Street


London College of Music, Gt Marlborough Street
(John Surman studied here)

2nd home of Club 11, (Carnaby Street)

London Palladium

The Lagoon, Beak Street

Club on Kingly Street

Soho Pizzeria (recently closed)

Windmill Theatre, Great Windmill Street

Foote's Music Shop, Golden Square

41 Gt Windmill Street (original Club 11)

Archer Street

John Jack ran a club here on Archer Street:

Madame Jojo's/Raymond Revue Bar

Flamingo, Wardour Street
(now a JAZZ shop?)

Or is this the Flamingo?

2is Coffee Bar

Downbeat Club, Old Compton Street:

(for a time, the Soho Jazz Festival was based here)

Skiffle Cellar, Old Compton Street:

Establishment Club
(Peter Cook and Dudley Moore)

An interesting plaque on Gerrard Street:

The Crucible Club ran by John Jack, previously Delta, Falado:

44 Gerrard Street

Flamingo, Wardour Street

Original Flamingo, on corner of Whitcomb Street
Cafe Royal, Regent Street

Gramophone Exchange, Dean Street

Greek Street

Mandrake Club, 4Meard Street:

Bag o'Nails, Kingly Street

I've got several more to add in to this list of the old ones, e.g. Club Afrique, Abalabi, Les Cousins. Also extending outwards to the fringes of Soho, such as Little Theatre or King and Queen in Fitzrovia.
Of course, the existing Ronnie's (but that would be too easy!) and Pizza Express Dean Street. Les Cousins of course, and more.

More help would be appreciated especially ahead of my talk at the end of May.

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