Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Blues at the Vortex - The Chess Sessions

Grandmaster Supports Vortex Chess Sessions!

Chess grandmaster Daniel King is giving his support to the Here Is The Blues! - Vortex Chess Sessions!

Here is The Blues is a duo consisting of Steve Morrison and Billy Jenkins. Billy was the mastermind behind the jazz meets football for the World Cup. (Check out the video.)

Mr King has been a professional chess player for over 20 years. In addition, he is a games consultant, television presenter, freelance journalist, and an award winning author of 14 books. He also has a reputation as a rather fine double bass player.

"Chess, jazz and blues have a lot in common", says King, "as both involve daring spontaneous manoeuvres over pre-determined complex and myriad theorems and structures."

Daniel will be in attendance on the opening afternoon (1st April) to informally wish the series well and listen to the gentle twang of 'Here Is The Blues!' - but if you ask him nicely he might advise on a hot move or two!

Then, on the final afternoon (29th April) he'll take on ten players simultaneously at 2pm before the music gets underway!

Find out more about Daniel at www.danielking.biz

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