Thursday, April 08, 2010

Stuart Nicholson has a go at blogs

In the latest Jazzwise, Stuart Nicholson has a go at blogs, generally regarding them as amateur and not properly "peer reviewed". So does that mean that I shouldn't take any notice of the erudite blogs of Ethan Iversen and other musicians, or the journalists here in UK, such as Peter Bacon's Jazzbreakfast, Mike Butler, Londonjazz? Not least the writing of Chris Parker on the Vortex web site.
Of course there are some bad blogs out there. But also some good ones too. And with the reduced opportunities to find out about jazz in the mainstream media, and the changing face of information dissemination it's essential.
I can't be bothered replying in the form of a letter.
I prefer to answer in the form of my blog. Much more appropriate.
Now. Much more intriguing is how things are moving in regard to Myspace (which I hardly look at nowadays apart from a few specific bits of music to hear), Facebook and Twitter.As well as where it's going to be able to hear so much jazz via the shops.


euphbass said...

It was a strange article, which I wrote my response to here. Comparing your average layperson's blog with a professionally published article is a bit like comparing apples and pears - there's not much point!

MySpace is an eyesore. I can't believe something so badly put together and coded has become so popular and I really wish there was a better community type site for musicians and bands to share their music. Facebook does a little, and is slowly catching on. I suppose MySpace just got in first.

Babel blog said...

Chris Parker made an interesting point to me. About how he really enjoys writing on the Vortex site as he is unconstrained by the monetary aspects and the responsibilities that being paid gives. Since he does it "for love", he can be himself - reviewing what he wants and when he wants.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time anyone saw Stuart Nicholson attend a gig?