Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I am a bouncer

There's a really good article on First Post about being a bouncer. It points out that the exam system is rubbish. I have passed my door supervisor Part 2 exam, having spent 4 days at Hackney College last November. (Ah, the things that you do as a jazz club director!) The article is right that it's all about talk and no action. Actually, I still haven't got the actual badge from the SIA, partly because of the time it takes to come through. I certainly found it useful from a "theoretical" viewpoint and it helps in talking to Jay, who does the door at the Vortex. The key is EMPATHY. The article points out that there is no way of learning about what's called reasonable force, which you might need if there's trouble. In fact, when I asked at the course about it, the lecturer (an ex copper) was clearly frustrated, as he launched into a long soliloquy about why it needed a separate course, and kept referring back to this frequently during the remaining 4 days.
So, can most doormen really sort out problems? Fortunately, it made me realise that I could just about deal with a place like the Vortex, but anywhere else would be disastrous.
It's probably because there's a shortage of bouncers and doormen. But certainly just to think that anyone is sufficiently qualified by spending 4 days and £150 is certainly rubbish.
By the way, I also have passed the BIIAB exam and am a personal licensee for the venue. So, I'm becoming really well qualified at last. (Forget degrees from Oxford University and LSE!)

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