Friday, February 27, 2009

Where is jazz played in London?

Seb Scotney's LondonJazz blog has an ongoing investigation about why the Royal Opera House stopped putting on jazz. I remember seeing some lovely gigs there. I understand that there have been some good quality rock gigs there, such as Snow Patrol. So it's potentially just the sort of place, in my humble view, where jazz could and should be occurring. High quality, accessible etc.
Unfortunately, they have stopped, apart from performances "mainly around festivals". Due to concern that it might interfere with other areas of programming and that they no longer fitted in with our artistic vision. Hmm. And as if jazz only exists at festival times?
The man in question, Christopher Millard, flannelled about a bit but couldn't clarify. What is the artistic vision of the Royal Opera House that it doesn't include some of the most innovative musicians around? Maybe they should ask Mark Anthony Turnage who ha written extensively for jazz musicians, such as Dave Holland and John Scofield as well as explaining that he is greatly influenced by Miles Davis.
We suggest that you ask more of the Royal Opera House, email Christopher Millard, Director of Press and Communication on
Ian Carr, R.I.P. Always elegant, in his music, in his writing and in his appearance. Thank goodness he was still aware enough when the jazz world gave him accolades at BBC Jazz Awards and Parliamentary Jazz Awards. He gave encouragement to many and seemed to have time for all.

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