Monday, March 30, 2009

Who gets the coverage?

I did a rough and ready analysis of Jazzwise covers to see who gets on. It particularly shows, I think, what the public recognise easily in jazz. Rather than necessarily who the innovators are at any time.
I did it because I believe strongly that the great unsung innovators are pianists and also that the rhythm section gets underestimated in terms of being at the centre.
Based on covers that I pulled randomly out from a box where I had them stored. Artists on more than one cover are counted again (e.g. Ravi Coltrane, Seb Rochford).
Saxophone 14 (40%), Vocalist 5 (14.3%), Drums 4(11.4%), pianists 3(8.6%), trumpeters 3 (8.6%), bassists 2 (2.9%), bands 2 (2.9%), guitarist 1 (1.4%), trombonists and sundry instruments 0
I am particularly surprised that only guitarist at that time got on the cover (Pat Metheny). For there to be a lot of saxophonists doesn't really surprise me, as it is probably the instrument most associated with jazz by the general public and indeed most of the saxophonists are actually playing or holding a saxophone.
Any conclusions that can be drawn? I leave it to you, dear reader.

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