Friday, October 09, 2009

Year end CD listings

We are the time of year, when journalists prepare their year-end lists. When one looks down it, I would be intrigued to see what proportion are
a) CDs which were released in the past 3 months and/or
b) CDs where average age of the musicians is under 30.

So, if I look at the Babel list of releases in 2009, I would be surprised to see any of our releases in most lists, since they include Partisans, Big Air (both not being in the criteria as above) or Zed-U (released early in 2009).


Anonymous said...

I think I may be able to buck your predicted trend - look out for thejazzbreakfast's Festive 50 in December.

Byased said...

As a blogger (as distinct from a journalist), I find that the opposite is true: I don't always get stuff as soon as it comes out, so my best of lists tend to miss really good recent stuff. I think Julian Siegel's Live at the Vortex and Arild Andersen's Live at Belleville were two of the best albums released last year, but didn't make my Best of 2008 list because I didn't hear them until early this year.

So don't worry about certain albums not being brand new. You might be pleasantly surprised when the Byas'd Opinion Best of 2009 list comes out later this month.