Monday, July 19, 2010

New York is where so much is at?

Going to North Sea Festival for the First time, what struck me was the focus given to much of the New York scene - or rather Brooklyn, as they want to call it at present. And how good much of it is. I already went with 2 nights of Vijay Iyer ringing in my ears from the Vortex so was already convinced.
Rudder, Darcy James Argue, John Escreet, Jason Lindner.....
Following in the steps of 2 key men, in my eyes. Steve Coleman and Tim Berne.
But what amazes me is the extent to which they haven't got through to audiences. Is it a Stuart Nicholson effect, who has been playing down New York for several years, or some other reason. We have tremendous trouble at the Vortex in selling gigs by Vijay, or Craig Taborn, to the extent that we should. If not at the Vortex, these musicians otherwise are tending not to be p,aying Ronnie Scott's or similar large spaces. But rather Charlie Wright's, or even small bars. Why?
It's not for lack of welcome exposure on Radio 3 or from jazz journalists, such as Kevin Le Gendre, or from other musicians, eg Phronesis working with Mark Giuiliana and Outhouse with Hilmar Jensson.
Thoughts please. Cos they should be being heard regularly, and selling out, in London.


vijay iyer said...

"We have tremendous trouble at the Vortex in selling gigs by Vijay..." REALLY? It seemed packed to the gills.

Babel blog said...

Slight modification of language then!
Indeed it was full. But the anticipation of the gigs should have been enough to sell them out almost on announcement. In fact we worked hard on our mailing list and Vortex base.
Most pleasingly, I have had constant ecstatic reactions from people who are usually reserved in their comments and from people who were coming speculatively. More than ever
So it only actually confirms more than ever in my mind (and that of the Vortex) that music by yourself and others need to be heard and appreciated.
Looking forward to your next visit more eagerly than ever.