Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Dalston as the new 52nd Street

Last night in Dalston:
4 jazz/improvised gigs within 200 yards of each other.
Vortex: Vijay Iyer
Cafe Oto: Okkyung Lee/Steve Noble
Servants Jazz Quarters: Ben Davis/Zac Gvi/Ruth Goller/Seb Rochford
Ridley Road Bar: Kristian Borring

Dalston has become the new 52nd Street. What a change from when the Vortex came into the area in 2005, when it was still a jazz desert. I remember Jack Massarik asking if he could be lent a bodyguard if he came from the station and Kerstan Mackness being shocked that it was just a 20 minute bus ride from Tottenham Court Road.
People seem to forget the Vortex's pivotal role. All power to Cafe Oto too, but it's a mistake to think that they started this off. We were, for all our faults, the brave ones, because we blindly trusted Adam Hart and Hackney Co-operative Developments.

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