Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Babel's new gigs at the Vortex - View from The Tower

As we reach voting age at Babel, we are pleased to be launching a new series of themed performances exploring great British composition, drawing on the European and American scenes as well as other traditional folk musics.

This residency will be taking the form or a septet with arrangements by Dan Messore (of Indigo Kid fame). The house band will showcase some of the best and brightest, with a revolving line up and special guest from the national and international scene.

This first outing will comprise Huw Warren, Dudley Philips, Trish Clowes, Ivo Neame, James Allsop, Sam Leak, Phil Robson, Steve Waterman, Dan Messore and Iain Ballamy.

Tonight's house band is Dan Messore (Guitar), Rory Simmons (Trumpet), Tori Freestone (Flute), Trish Clowes (Tenor Sax), Ivo Neame (Piano), Dave Manington (Bass), Tim Giles (Drums). 

Sunday 2.30 p.m. £7
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