Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Babel Babble with Hanspeter Kuenzler, 23 October

Focus on (German-speaking) Switzerland with Hanspeter Kuenzler


Johnny Rondo Trio - Frog Dance
brotherhood of Breath - Mra

Irène Schweizer/ Co Streif - So oder so (From Twin Lines)

Stimmhorn - Ausland (from Inland)

Appenzeller Zaüerli - Zom Talerschwinge

Circus McGurkus - Our Bog is Dood
Biondini Godard Niggli - What's there what is not 
Wydler - On the mat and off

Hanspeter's web site: www.hanspeterkuenzler.com

Schaffhausen Jazz Festival focusses on Swiss jazz: http://www.jazzfestival.ch/
Intakt label: www.intakt.ch
Willisau festival: http://www.jazzwillisau.ch/
Cully Jazz Festival: http://www.cullyjazz.ch/

He didn't cover much from the Suisse Romande because of the Röstigraben: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Röstigraben

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