Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Babel dates at Vortex in January

Babel dates to look out for next month:

13 January Dominic Lash Quartet

Bassist Dominic Lash has recently relocated to Bristol after a year in New York. The Guardian has written of his "explosive bass-strumming" and the Newcastle Journal of his "endless efforts to veer left of every known note or chord". 

He formed his trio in 2009 with rising star pianist Alexander Hawkins (whose recent work has reached a "dazzling new apex" according to Downbeat) and drummer Javier Carmona (Ingrid Laubrock, Kicking Louise). 

In 2011 the band was expanded into a quartet with multi-reed player Ricardo Tejero (Ensemble Progressivo, Triatone), which toured Spain in the summer of 2012. 

"A real surprise ... expressionistic moments were followed by passages of a more introverted and descriptive mood". (Diario del AltoAragón)

18 January 2013 Eyes of a Blue Dog

In a double bill with Emile Parisien (who was recently selected as the French press's jazz musician of the year):
Rory Simmons and Liz Nygaard performing in a duo version, hopefully with some new visuals.

25 January 2013 The Rich Taylors

Blink (Robin Fincker, Alcyona Mick, Paul Clarvis) meets Vincent Courtois and Daniel Erdmann in this new collaboration as part of the Jazz Shuttle scheme (which recently spawned Barbacana's new album). "Blink's material is full of character and improv resourcefulness to match." John Fordham, The Guardian

27 January 2013 A View From The Tower 3.00 pm

Continuing the exploration of great British composition led by Dan Messore, the line for this month includes: Trish Clowes (sax), Elliot Galvin (piano), Dave Hamblett (drums), Gareth Lockrane (flutes), Dave Mannington (bass) and Rory Simmons (trumpet).

This event will be followed by the new quartet of Chris Batchelor, with Paul Clarvis, Liam Noble and Oren Marshall. Meanwhile...
Downstairs will be hosting its new jam session with Hannes Riepler (free). The evening will also include a special tasting of local Hackney beer from the Vortex Real Ale Society.

And at other venues....
16 January 2013 Alexander Hawkins Trio - Cafe Oto

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