Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lleuwen (nee steffan) wins Liet International

Congratulations to Lleuwen who won the Liet International (Eurovision Song Contest for the minority languages of Europe). The winning song sung in Breton was Ar GouloĆ¹ Bev, (The Living Light). Lleuwen collaborated with Huw Warren (pianist/composer) and Mark Lockheart (saxophonist/composer) in the making of DUW A WYR (God Only Knows) an album of Welsh Hymns in 2004, which was well reviewed and gained much media exposure on radio and TV in Wales, including a S4C documentary about the making of the album. Ollie Weindling remembers the recording sessions well. 'Huw Warren was musical mentor to Lleuwen. They set a standard for voice, saxophone, piano trios. Possibly one of Babel's finest hours, in my view. Her passion is undoubted...'.

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