Saturday, June 15, 2013

Latest News From the Tower


The View from the Tower Residency resumes 23 June at the Vortex Jazz Club 15.30. Once again Dan Messore will be curating the series which showcases British compositions as well as Babel artists. Each week Dan is accompanied by a group of very accomplished colleagues, each bringing their own unique style to the ensemble.  Sometimes new talent and mature talent come together in the form of  Iain Bellamy, Tim Harries or Steve Waterman with interesting results. Frequently, described as a 'young upcoming guitarist' Messore demonstrates a respect for his seniors whose influence have undoubtedly left a mark. He has been developing his own style of composing and playing: rich in influences and range - from post-contemporary fusion to folk rock. Where does all this inspiration come from? From nature and its natural surroundings he says. Having travelled a fair amount, leading something of an itenerant lifestyle,  Messore re-creates travel transfroming stunning landscapes into soundscapes through improvisation. On the way one encounters  African folk music inspired some gentle rootsy guitar playing, misty mountain landscapes of an americana tinged with nostalgia, breezy and light with floating melodies. While 'tradition' is close to his heart the unknown road is equally a lure, so recently Messore hit the road with his band Indigo Kid  which included his youthful colleagues Trish Clowes (sax), Calum Gourlay (bass) and Gethin Jones (Drums) on a two month tour of the UK.

A WORD FROM DAN...                                                                                  
Last few weeks have been great, finished a really enjoyable Indigo Kid tour as with jazz services kind support. I was joined by Trish Clowes, Calum Gourlay, and Gethin Jones. They all sound amazing and we had fun times. 
Also, I've come out of  mixing the second album with Tim Harries, Martin France, Trish Clowes and Iain Ballamy. I'm very excited about it. 
At SE Collective I had my first gig with a new project I've been writing for with Ross Stankey on organ, Tim Giles and Gareth Lockrane. It went really well, those guys are so killer. 
So, View From The Tower coming up soon and we got some new tunes coming from Mike Chilllingworth, Dave Hamblett, and Get The Blessing's Jake McMurchie. Plus in the pipeline we have an arrangement coming from Laura Jurd and also from our very own Elliot Galvin. 
It nice to get these fresh tunes in from these musicians, its great having them sit in the set with the growing repertoire. 



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