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Returning to the Vortex Jazz Club 22 Sunday September

22nd September Vortex Jazz Club 15.30
Friday 6/9/13
Today for the first time I felt Autumn had arrived as I left the house wrapped up, coming after what turned out to be a glorious summer. I had even got accustomed to wearing shorts, my pasty legs getting a little tanned - grateful for the airing and freedom. Just a few more days of warm sunshine would set me up to face the whatever winter has in store. Meanwhile, our favourite country bumpkin has been having a good summer - busy hobo-ing around the country, amongst other things complaining about the mayonnaise-ridden sandwiches and expensive booze available on trains that took him from A to B. Dan was however, given some sound advice by pal Aidan Thorne who told him to 'learn about packed lunch - it's a modern phenomenon'. Glen Manby cheekily asked, 'would you be happier if the booze was cheap?' Good point.
 To help our boy, at Babel we've created a nice packed lunch for him and thrown in some Babel brewed Moonshine to wash it down. How about this Dan?  Enjoy!                                             

Despite the trials and tribulations Dan has found some time to tell us what he has been doing and what to expect from the next installment of VFT.

 Greetings from Dan:

Well, after a summer full of Nashville style telecaster and Tarantino-esque madness with "The Bloody Ballad" up at Edinburgh Fringe all August, I've returned to the south of our fair isle. Back to the fray and excited for all the new music autumns leanings will no doubt yield. 

The next instalment of View From The Tower is a exciting one...not least because it's our first one back this season, but also we have very exciting new tunes from members old and new of this humbling line up (for me at any rate!)
Freddie Gravita will be supplying us with a super tune, and another new addition to the ever growing pad of great British composers comes from the musical mastermind of drummer/composer Dave Hamblett. We may even try a little beauty from the depths of our pianist Elliot Galvins twisted mind! And just to push the boat out cause we can...a tune from the truly wonderful Mr Joe Wright. Add that to our pad featuring tunes by Huw Warren, Gwilym Simcock, Gareth Lockrane, Iain Ballamy, Julien Siegal, Phil Robson to new a few.

The line-up for the return on 22nd September @ the Vortex Jazz Cub is:
Gareth Lockrane - flutes
Freddie Gravita - trumpet
Joe Wright - tenor sax
Elliot Galvin - piano
Dan Messore - guitar
Dave Manington - bass
Dave Hamblett - drums

So get on the ride and raise your hands and away we go! 

Dan x

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