Tuesday, October 15, 2013

                                VIEW FROM THE TOWER at the VORTEX JAZZ CLUB

View From the Tower is back for its monthly residency at the VORTEX JAZZ CLUB, SUNDAY 20th 15.30 with the latest installment of themed performances exploring the work of Great British composers. 

KATAN500:  What've you been up too since the last installement of VFT?

DAN:  Well it's been a busy old  time. "Little Arrow" a great band I work with have been nominated for The Welsh Music Prize  We will be playing on the Green Man stage at SWN festival this Sat. Depped  a few gigs in "Streetworks",  accordionist Karen Streets Quartet. The regular guitarist is Mike Outram, who's one of my absolute favourites. This was really fun and Karen and her husband Andy Tween have written some beautiful tunes. Also, had a great gig in the foyer of South Bank with "Get The Blessing" saxophonist Jake Mcmurchie. It's was packed and went down really well. I've been guesting with his group "Michelson Morley" a lot recently and we'll be touring in spring next year. With their album out on F-ire May 2014. Jake writes great music and the band explores minimalism, free playing and lots of fun with electronics. So its been choka...

KATAN500: A little birdy told me that you were getting married... *loud hum of here comes the bride*

DAN:  We're  planning our wedding for next year, which has been awesome and mental :) My lovely Jojo (Dan's fiancé) is soon to finish her acupuncture studies and already has lots of clients!

KATAN500: I'm sure you'll tell us more later. What have you got planned for Sunday's Vortex gig?

DAN:  ..I'm really looking forward to Sunday. As always a great line up including the regular power houses that are the rhythm Daves...Manington and Hamblett on bass and drums. Front line we got the fabulous Joe Wright (tenor sax), Nick Malcom (trumpet) and Mr Mike Chilligworth (sop sax), and our new musical comrade Rick Simpson (piano). He came at the recommendation of Mike Chillingworth our sop sax regular. So hope to see you down there as we explore some classics from our pad. Including tunes from Iain Ballamy, Huw Warren, Julian Arguelles, Phil Robson, Gareth Lockrane, Steve Waterman...and more.

KATAN500: Thank you Dan and see you Sunday...

The concept and musical arrangements of VFT are by Dan Messore. 

Gig information:  http://www.vortexjazz.co.uk/gigs.php?gd=20131020#1530

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