Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Coming soon on Babel

As we get closer to Babel's 20th birthday in 2014, there are still new albums getting closer to hitting the wide world. Coming soon are Parallel Moments by Raymond MacDonald and Marylyn Crispell, No.1 with special guest Steve Williamson by Black Top and Ana by Emilia Martensson.The albums can be listened to and are available for pre-order on Bandcamp

Parallel Moments 

Parallel Moments features Marylyn Crispell the Philadelphia-born pianist and improvisor who collaborated with Anthony Braxton and other big names. For the album she teams up with Scottish saxophonist, composer and academic, Raymond MacDonald. Parallel Moments refers to the space created by the two players within an improvised framework that allows for delicate melodies and a textural intricacies. There is a beautiful intimacy and a rapport between the two players that seems nothing short of telepathic.
Marylyn Crispell (piano)  
Raymond MacDonald (soprano and alto sax)

No. 1 with special guest Steve Williamson



Black Top is a radical improvisation movement founded by pianist/keyboard/electronics instrumentalist Pat Thomas whose style (playing that is) exudes imperious charisma. His Co-founder is the multi-instrumentalist and composer Orphy Robinson. Black Top has been gaining a reputation for the innovative use of technology in their music as well as featuring other musicians in their soundscapes. At the core is improvisation which is set against a scene of 'black' musical influences drawing on the techniques of looping and sampling used in 'step dub', reggae and even 'archaic nubian' sounds.

Pat Thomas (piano, keys, computer beats)
Orphy Robinson (marimba)
Steve Williamson (sax)


Ana is Emilia Martensson's second album on Babel. Her first album And So It Goes... was with Barry Green. The reception of this album led to a description of her as 'the new face of British jazz 2012' by the Observer. This time Martensson is on her own although Green plays piano on the new album. The album also has input from Rory Simmons: tracks 1.3, 6, and 9 are written by him.  Sam Crowe wrote track 2 and and provided the arrangements, and Alex Bonney was instrumental in the production. Expect  from Martensson some very fresh and original treatment, and her trade mark lightness and clarity.  

Emilia Martensson (vocals)
Barry Green (piano)
Sam Lasserson (Double Bass)
Adriano Adewale (percussion)
The Fable String Quartet

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