Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Gaume Jazz Festival, 2014. Photos

 My full review of the festival for Londonjazz is here. Here are some photos and a short review of the Grappe D'Or in Torgny

Antoine Pierre

Enrico Pieranunzi:

Leila Martial's Baa Box 
(in the rain!):

Manu Hermia, Majjid Bekas, Khalid Khouen

Mik Mâäk (and Guillaume Orti):

Big Nowhere Big Band:

La Grappe D'Or at Torgny:

In addition to the jazz festival, the area around Gaume in the Ardennes is home to a great holiday area, including the meandering Sémois river. In the South of the area, there is the sole wine-growing region of Belgium in Torgny. Seems like a surprise to link wine and Belgium, but surely there's no real shock. Couldn't we have said the same for a long time about wine and England? And certainly the area there is about the same latitude as Luxembourg, where the white wines are renowned.

Anyway, there is also great food there. And we spent a Sunday lunch at the Grappe D'Or, a one-star rated Michelin restaurant. We took the full 7 course menu to really be able to appreciate what the place is about. Just like jazz, there is plenty of risk taking. Particularly notable was the ability to mix more oriental flavours, such as the raw fish with local herbs and vegetables (mainly from the restaurant's own garden). The most surprising and successful was the mix of raspberries and wasabi for the dessert (the last photo here).

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