Monday, April 16, 2007

BBC Jazz Awards - Fraud and Finn Peters

Great to hear that Fraud's new album is nominated for a BBC Jazz Award, even before it's properly in the shops, and Finn Peters' band is nominated for best band. Now please vote for them on this page for Fraud and this page for Finn. It's funny that Fraud's album isn't even in the shops yet. So all credit to the interest that this has brought.
Babel has had reasonable success in the BBC Awards over the years. Two years ago Huw Warren and Acoustic Ladyland won, but last year with three nominations for album of the year (Acoustic Ladyland, Polar Bear and Partisans) Jim Tomlinson and Stacey Kent won. So, I can't place too much hope on the winning itself. As long as the awards are won by reasonable people, then I have no complaint. We have yet to hear some of the other nominations. It would be good if there were a few more Babel artists there too.
I feel that, while the focus is rightly on the musician, the fact that they are brought to the attention of the public and judges is part of a partnership of the musician with record label and agent (with stress on the word "partnership"). The partnership is never perfect, unfortunately, but I try my best! I have a little sticker that I was given by Ivor Cutler in the bottom corner of my computer screen. It says it all. "Imperfection is an end. Perfection is only an aim."


Matt said...

Is there a proper release date set yet for the Fraud record??

Babel blog said...

The album is in the shops at the beginning of June. However you can always buy the album from the Babel web site on