Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Spitz - worrying news

The Spitz has announced that it is under risk of closing in September. Disaster, as there are so few venues for that sort of music of that size in London. How can we save it or replace it?

I hope that they find some sort of person who can act as a mentor and passionate saviour. We had this at the Vortex, with people like Tim Ward, Derek Drescher and myself, while the Hackney Empire was lucky enough to get hold of Griff Rhys-Jones. The problem faced by the Vortex was also made a bit easier that the size of venue that we were looking for was just for 100 people. The Spitz is that bit larger. Knowing the attitude of some commercial property developers making grabs at the area close to the City and in "fashionable" East London, I am really worried that the Spitz itself is lost unless there is a dramatic change somewhere.

However, with old factories and so on coming free, maybe there's an alternative even if it takes some time for it to develop. Of course, this leads to the other problem of local authorities and licensing. I know full well how problematic these guys can be in Hackney, where they don't have a jobsworth, but a Papworth.

If you've got a few million to spare, give it to the Spitz now. If you've got a building to spare, call the Spitz immediately.

Good luck Spitz! Good luck Rupert

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