Friday, June 08, 2007

BBC Jazz award nominations

The full BBC Jazz Award nominations were announced yesterday. I reckon that the list is OK, in that any of the winners do the UK jazz scene reasonably proud. I am quite proud that the number of artists with Babel connections is quite high this year, namely:

Best instrumentalist:
Julian Siegel - stalwart of Partisans
Liam Noble - on albums by Christine Tobin and Let's Call This with Ingrid Laubrock

Rising Star:
Tom Arthurs - Centripede, Squash Recipe, Mesmer
James Allsopp - Fraud

Best album:
Tom Cawley plays with Acoustic Ladyland

Best group:
Finn Peters - Su-Ling

As they say on the Fast Show: NICE!


Anonymous said...

The BBC nominations are crap. It's obvious that Dune is in bed with every promoter/award group in country. Who is this Abrahm Wilson really? A black guy from New Orleans,? Big deal... he couldn't buy a gig in his home country, and now he's up for Heart of Jazz award. Give me a break. In fact, if you look at all the jazz in this world, the bbc nominations should be ashamed of themselves, minus Julian Siegel, that's a real nomintation. These people have NO clue.

Anonymous said...

u shouldn't review blogs, it's not fair to free speech, if someone has a valid argument, and doesn't use profanities,etc., thenit shouldn't be taken off. I feel your doing this to avoid controversy.