Friday, June 01, 2007

Lost London jazz venues

I am creating a map on Google which shows venues in London that have been lost, either because they are no longer physically there or because the music side has vanished. Make comments here, or send me your addresses to
I've got a few, but what about the shops such as Mole, Dobell's, Ray's and venues like the Little Theatre, location of WAC where many musicians learnt at the feet of Ian Carr?

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Hey Oliver,

Just to let you know about this big gig were doing on 21st Nov with Leafcutter John and Seb Rochford. It's their new project NAILS and will be the first time it's been performed in England. Sure to be quite an event! Hope you can make it down.

Check out the details on

We can sort you a press pass if you need.

Pat And Trevor x