Thursday, June 07, 2012

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Match and Fuse Festival
15th & 16th June sets/match-fuse-festival-2012- 1

Next Friday marks the first Match & Fuse Festival, a weekend of live music performed by bands from eight European countries. World Service Project has been at front of planning the extravaganza which promises to be a feast of musical styles encompassing jazz, electronica, punk and progressive music. Performing will be some of the best of young European and Scandinavian bands. The title Match & Fuse evokes the spirit of the best of them coming together to create this collaborative musical adventure. The Festival director Dave Morecroft (and musician with World Service Project) said, 'I think people respond well to it... we have thirteen band playing at a free festival. I personally cannot wait to hear all of the varied musical offerings that lie in store for us'. Morecroft also indicated that the festival will rotate so that next year's 2013 will be held in Oslo, and 2014's  in Rome. Big ups to World Service Project for taking the initiative. 

Match & Fuse Festival London 15th & 16th June @vortexjazz Gillett Square, Dalston 

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