Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NTS Babel Babble, 19 June 2012

Playlist, after having been away for a couple of weeks

Lothar Ohlmeier/Tom Arthurs, from "In The Dark" Moers
Miles Davis. Springsville from Miles Ahead
Mike Westbrook. Original Peter from "Love Songs"
Bhamra, Shave, Parricelli. Dervish Dancer from "Postcards from Home"
The Skylarks. Ndixolele from "Drum - South African Jazz"
Daniel Humair. From Time To Time Free from "9.11 pm Town Hall"
Bill Frisell 858 Quartet. Sixty Four from "Sign of Life"
Billy Jenkins ft. Christine Tobin. How Deep Is Your Love from "True Love Collection"
Bob Dylan. Rainy Day Women from "Blonde on Blonde"
Woody Guthrie. 1913 Massacre from "The Musical Grandfather and Father of Bob Dylan"
John McLaughlin. Pete the Poet from "Extrapolation"

Bhamra, Shave, Parricelli play the Vortex on Friday 22 June.

Love Songs covers are part of the Roger Wodiwiss exhibition at the Vortex Downstairs.
The Skylarks was a vocal group set up by Miriam Makeba
More on the 1913 Massacre here
Pete The Poet is Pete Brown, who was also a member of Battered Ornaments.

Check out Kris's show on Polish jazz a couple of weeks ago 

Thanks also to Alev for covering for me.

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