Sunday, July 29, 2012

Babel Babble, 24 July

This was an Italian "special" put together by Rico. Unfortunately, I had to attend Lol Coxhill's funeral.

Normal service to be resumed this Tuesday.

1Soul Scrubble by  Gabin
2The River Of Anyder. By Stefano Battaglia Trio
3Mirage. By Romano Mussolini Trio
4Arbeit Macht FreiBuy. By Area
5Anima Mia (Cugini Di Campagna)
By Societa Anonima Decostruzionismi Organici
5 L.S.D. Party.    By Piero Piccioni
6 Mad Puppet By Goblin
7 Midnight Express By Giorgio Moroder
8 Ricordandoti by  Piero Umiliani
9 Nel Viaggio. By Piero Umiliani
10 The Clock Music.  By Ennio Morricone
11 Pound Stretcher. By 9 Lazy 9
12 'O Sciore Cchiù Dub By Almamegretta
13 Numero Deux. By The Dining Rooms
14 Synhti Boogie by Piero Umiliani
15 The Herb by 9 Lazy 9
16 Mi Ritorni In Mente (Version) By Enrico Rava

(Piero Umiliani wrote Mah Na Mah Na in 1968)

There was no show on 17 July, due to the refurbishment of the studio.

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