Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vortex in Space!!!

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Vortex in Space!   Room for plenty aboard!

On behalf of Vortex Jazz Foundation, Lee Paterson and co-producer John Denton are delighted to say Live Vortex has taken off, into Arts Council/BBC free on-demand arts channel www.thespace.org

Description: Mandy Drummond_close to you 1First Episode:  Sol6 – Veryan Weston, Luc Ex, Mandy Drummond, Ingrid Laubrock,
Hannah Marshall and Mark Sanders
with their take on Steve Lacy’s Hurtles and Mandy Drummond’s rendition of classic Bacharach, Close to You

Every Friday until November, 15 weekly episodes of music filmed in the Vortex Jazz Club London, along with related archival material and interviews with the musicians.  Our thanks to and appreciation for the wonderful Sol6, Sons of Kemet and Township Comets – details on them below.

There’s still a few hiccups, so expect some adjustments as we go along.  Happy(ish) to hear there’s problems viewing on your browser, phone, tablet…but should be fine for most!

Love you to watch, spread the word – love to surprise the BBC with extent of appetite for the unfamiliar and challenging.   Jazz is for the intrepid and curious!

Sol6 – weekly episodes from 27 July 2012 
A masterful chamber-hybrid of cabaret, punk, deep groove and free improvisation – Eric Satie, Burt Bacharach, Charles Ives, Bertolt Brecht and own compositions from the best of British and European improvisers.  Led by a pioneer of the British improv scene pianist, Veryan Weston, and Dutch bassist Luc Ex – ex of punk Nederlanders, The Ex, with Ingrid Laubrock (sax), Hannah Marshall (cello), Mandy Drummond (viola) and Mark Sanders on drums.    www.lucex.nl/cms/sol6
Sons of Kemet – online in late August   
Hailing from the shadowy world of the London post-jazz scene, the incandescent Sons of Kemet are saxist/clarinetist Shabaka Hutchings, tuba virtuoso Oren Marshall, and the stunning double-drums team of Tom Skinner and Seb Rochford, powering a mix of dancefloor hooks and New Orleans street music with the percussive intricacy of west African drum music, a dose of Caribbean dub, and free jazz.  www.shabakahutchings.com
Township Comets – online in October  
Featuring the vocalist Pinise Saul, The Comets play the searing, joyous music of saxophonist Dudu Pukwana, a towering figure in South African jazz and the European improv scene, and an exile to London, like Pinise, from the apartheid regime. With the stellar line-up of trumpeter Chris Batchelor, trombonist Harry Brown, Jason Yarde on saxophone, Adam Glasser piano, Dudley Phillips bass and Frank Tontoh, drums.  www.chris-batchelor.com/projects.html

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