Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Babel Babble 31 July 2012

Check out the show here

A tribute to Lol Coxhill put together by George Coote.

Together with HL (from More Together than Alone (Emanem)
Kevin Ayers and the Whole World, Clarence in Wonderlad (from Hyde Park Free Concert 1970 (Reel)
Lol Coxhill/Steve Miller, Greatest Offshore Place in the World (from The Story So Far (Caroline))
Melody 4, I Feel Romantic (from Love Plays Such Funny Games (Chabada, Nato)
Welfare State, The First Bit/Egal OK (Caroline/Virgin)
West Lawn Dirge/Just A Closer Walk with Thee (from Couscous, nato)
Lol with Mike Garrick, Perdido (from Coxhill on Ogun)
Melody 4, Astronaut Girl (from Shopping for Melodies Vol.2)
Lol Coxhill/Alex Ward, Angle On (from Old Sights New Sounds (Incus))

There will be an 80th birthday gig for Lol at Cecil Sharp House on 19th September.

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