Wednesday, March 06, 2013

5 March 2013
News From The Tower...spread the word

The next instalment of View From The Tower is 24 March 2013 at The Vortex Jazz Club 3.30 PM 

In Dan Messore's words...

This months instalment is very exciting. We have a special guest in the form of trumpet colossus Steve Waterman. Also, aboard for the first time this month are the great musicians Mike Chillingworth and Joe Wright on sop and tenor respectively. As well as the incredible Calum Gourlay on bass. The theme therefore this month will be an exploration of British arrangements and ensemble. We have an arrangement from Steve of one of his tunes, also I'll be visiting Steve to expand on the growing pad and arrangements. I'm very excited to be working with Steve in this format. We recorded my second album together (Lacuna-Talk On The Step available on Babel May 2013) and he was an inspiration then, also a fantastic improviser. Here I'll be working with Steve as an arranger, of which he is at the top the art form, so I look forward to learning and bringing in some of his experience into this month's music. 

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