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Indigo Kid is a project that guitarist / composer Dan Messore has run run for three years which came out of his collaboration with saxophonist / composer Iain Bellamy. The result was the birth of 'Indio Kid' based on Iain's image of Dan as a little feral country boy. For their first album 'Indigo Kid' (Babel)  2012, they were joined by Tim Harries (bass) and Gethin Jones (drums). Indio Kid will hit the road on a Jazz Services tour between May 16-27 with the Vortex Jazz Club gig marking the end of the tour. TICKETS 

KATAN500: Where did you get the idea for Indigo Kid?

DAN MESSORE: Indigo Kid is a project that I've been running for 3 years now. I had been writing with the intension of combining my influences. At this time I came into contact with Iain Ballamy. He showed interest in what I was doing and we began chatting, gigging and developing my work. This was an incredible experience for me, giving me confidence to follow my heart and also focus to refine my experimentation. It became mutually agreed that we wanted to record, Indigo Kid was born. The name for the group comes  Iain's view of me as a little feral and country, it stuck! When discussing who to use on the recording, Iain introduced me to bassist Tim Harries and I introduced him to drummer Gethin Jones. Both were perfect choices. 

KATAN500: Is there a new  Indigo Kid album in the pipeline? 

DAN MESSORE: I was very recently in the studio recording "Indigo Kid II". The line up on this new record is Martin France on drums, Tim Harries on electric bass and Trish Clowes on sax. With Iain guesting on several tracks. I'm really happy with this new recording, advancing and evolving the concept of the music deeper into the place where it belongs. Trish has been a great presence and influence. I worked closely with Martin and Tim with the material and identiy of the compositions.  Tim and I are mixing the tracks in June and I can express how enjoyable and growing it is to work in this capacity with such an experienced musician. More on this soon...

KATAN500: When are you playing at the Vortex in London?

DAN MESSORE: 27 May. Ya'll come down now...

Indigo Kid Jazz Services Tour May 16-27

16th - Dempseys, Cardiff
17th - Bebop Club, Bristol
20th - Beaver Inn, Appledore
21st - St Ives
22nd - Teingmouth
23rd - Jazz Steps, Nottingham
24th - Rush Hour, Birmingham 
26th - The Groove Inn, Leeds
27th - The Vortex, London

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