Monday, May 13, 2013

Latest News from the Tower (May)

View from the Tower will be back Sunday 23 June 16:00 @ the Vortex Jazz Club

A word from Dan Messore:

Preparation for the "View From The Tower" residency are steady and underway. There is lots of exciting new music coming in from the likes of Mike Chillingworth, Dave Hamblett, Garteh Lockrane and more.
It's a real privilege to explore this collection of music with such beautiful musicians and the steadily increasing audience and interest in the project has breathed life into it's sails. These will be a fabulous series of concerts and I hope to keep expanding the potential for this project. It's a honouring and soulful learning experience to have the opportunity to work with the heritage material of British jazz. Next instalment is with Eliot Galvin (piano), Dave Hamblett (drums), Steve Waterman (trumpet), Gareth Lockrane (flutes), Joe Wright (sax), Tom Farmer (bass) and myself on guitar. Sun 23rd June 4pm at The Vortex.

The last few months I've been touring "The Bloody Ballad Of Mary Maid" a macabre Tarentino-esque theatre piece which has been on national tour and ended its run at Soho Theatre a week ago. Off to Edinburgh for August and the festival. It's a great show and it's lots of fun. I'm playing surf/rockabilly/country/ blues on my trusty Telecaster and it's been a treat to do my best Danny Gatton impression. Finger picking good.

Also, I've been heavily into organ trios recently. Especially that of Bernstein/Stewart/Goldings, John Scofields' Trio Beyond and the infamous Larry Young Unity record. I've been writing and rehearsing for a new group with Tim Giles on drums and Ross Stanley on organ and Garteh Lockrane on flute.  Finding myself in very fortunate surroundings, these guys are just awesome and I look forward to our first gig June 11th at Amersham Arms.

Dan  x

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