Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mike Pickering as osteopath

Billy Jenkins asked me to mention this to you:
"Having worked alongside Mike for the last six years watching his second calling grow, fitting Blues Collective gigs around important exams, listening to him enthusing about cruciate ligaments, neck joints and all that stuff on endless motorway journeys, I have no hesitation in sending you this. He is very gifted.
"He has spent the last eighteen months working as both a sports masseur and associate osteopath at the famous Garry Trainer Clinic in Primrose Hill, where the great and the good from the entertainment and sports world flock, he has now opened his own practice in East Dulwich, London SE 22.
"And to get his new base off the ground, Mike (who also is a qualified acupuncturist) will be offering special deals for the next few weeks. Just tell him Billy sent you!"

Contact Mike on 07966 505872 or by email at

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