Thursday, February 22, 2007

New Babel compilation on the way on Jazzwise

Look out for a new Babel compilation with next month's Jazzwise magazine. "Characters of Jazz" with tracks by Billy Jenkins, Led Bib, Fraud, Acoustic Ladyland, Polar Bear, Christine Tobin, Peter Herbert, Huw Warren, Duw A Wyr and others.
All hail, Jon and Stephen at Jazzwise.
1 Finn Peters – Gato (from Su-Ling)
BDV 2664
2 Christine Tobin – House of Women (from House of Women)
BDV 9820
3 Led Bib – The Keeper (from Sizewell Tea)
BDV 2665
4 Ingrid Laubrock/Liam Noble – Subconscious Lee (from Let’s Call This…) BDV 2661
5 Billy Jenkins – If I Were a Lollipop Man (from When the Crowds Have Gone)
BDV 2450
6 Fraud
– Voodoo Teeth (from Fraud
7 Acoustic Ladyland – Nico (from Last Chance Disco) BDV 2555
8 Huw Warren/ Peter Herbert – Interlude/Whistling Rufus (from Everything we Love and More) BDV 2561
9 Steve Arg├╝elles – ‘Lady Be Good’ with ‘Johnny B. Goode’ (from Blue Moon in a Function Room)
BDV 9402
10 Billy Jenkins - Old Men in Flares (from Still Sounds Like Bromley) BDV 9717
11 Lleuwen Steffan/Huw Warren/Mark Lockheart - Ebeneser (from God Only Knows/Duw a Wyr) BDV 2558
12 Dudley Phillips - General Custer (from Life without Trousers)
BDV 2453
13 Polar Bear – King of Aberdeen (from Held on the Tips of Fingers)
BDV 2552
14 Julie Sassoon – Safe Passage
(from New Life) BDV 2662
15Disorder on the Border – Monsieur Concorde (from Vol 1) BDV 2338
16 Madalena - Enid Querida (from Murmur)
BDV 2027
17 Tom Arthurs & Richard Fairhurst – Mesmer (from Mesmer)
18 Phil Robson – Jealous Guy (from Screenwash)
BDV 2445

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