Thursday, February 22, 2007

Some trends of the last 10 years

Following the thoughts that I had about small venues, Selwyn Harris is writing a piece about the past ten years, since the foundation of Jazzwise. A few of my thoughts.
Small labels run by musicians
Great young jazz musicians
Jazz courses at conservatoires
Chances for young people at schools to learn about jazz (e.g. Associated Board exams)
Chances to buy music online, both through download and through mail order (e.g. Amazon,
Diversity of jazz audience

Fewer or no greater:
National tours for large groups, due to fewer grants from Arts Council and Contemporary Music Network.
Jazz support by major record labels for UK artists.
Good gigs at Ronnie Scott's
Support from Arts Council
International touring opportunities supported by British Council
Jazz coverage in national press

A lot of these are due to my own observations, e.g. washing up at the Vortex, making tea at Babel.

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