Sunday, February 24, 2013

Barbacana review from Jazz News, France

Review from Jazznews in France

Four inquiring minds from both sides of the Channel: the French are Sylvain Darrifourcq (Emile Parisien, Q..) on drums, Adrien Dennefeld (Ozma, We Are All Americans) on guitar and keyboards, with the English Kit Downes, keyboards, and James Allsopp, tenor saxophone and bass clarinet. It's a suite of pieces in the form of a sonorous progression playing skilfully with metres and loops, marrying acoustic and electric sounds. Rathher expansive but perhaps more reflective, the quartet focusses its work on slowness - at the risk of distending themselves - but making sure to keep a foundation of a rhythmic pulse - their signature sound. The collective awareness is already there, their shared intuition rather needing to ripen in order to assert their ideas. One to watch.

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