Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This week's  News From the Tower

 Dan Messore tells us what to expect from this month's View From the Tower Sunday 24 February 3.30 at Vortex Jazz Club
 The pad is an ongoing playlist...this month’s addition comes in the form of Gareth Lockranes' One For Bheki. Gareth has arranged a version for us and I'm very excited to play it. Guiltily, I've been away on holiday for two weeks, so haven't been able to add others for this instalment of News From the Tower. That said, the pad is ever growing and the band is sounding great! One for Bheki was written by Gareth for one of his all time mentors and friends, the great, late Bheki Mseleku. In this track Lockrane really shows his skills as a composer (he is very active in film scoring as well as being one of the premier improvising flautists in the world today) who draws from a very wide and colourful palette.
Working with Gareth has been a real treat. He’s a fantastic player and a kind hearted guy. I've been very inspired by his improvising and hope to work more with him in the future. His recent release The Strut has also been a great source getting my creative juices flowing for an organ project I'm working on. More about that later...

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