Monday, February 04, 2013

News from The Tower 

Spread the word...the next date for View From The Tower is 24 February 3.30 pm at The Vortex Jazz Club

Dan Messore brings his knowledge, enthusiasm and passion together in his curation of the View From The Tower. Each month he is accompanied by some of the UK's finest musicians in a revolving line-up, and on occasion includes a special guest, to take the audience on a delightful journey through the sound scapes of British composition. Last month's line-up can be accessed here

Dan's musing on the next instalment...

'This next instalment of the residency will see the addition of Gareth Lockrane's One For Bheki. From Gareth's album The Strut, this is a fantastic record and a showing of both great British composition and performance. Having Gareth in the residency line up is real honour. He is arranging this piece for us and I´m very excited to play it and add it to our ever growing pad of music. Other pieces I´m aiming to get in this month, are something from Kit Downes (from his Golden album), and piece of Keith Tippett. I´m arranging to go and spend the day with Keith at his home to discuss his thoughts on the piece and to gain an insight into his musical approach...' More later...

Dan Messore on Babel Indigo Kid  Lacuna Talk On The Step

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