Monday, March 15, 2010

From global to local

Part of the joy of jazz is that it mixes all sort of creative influences. From whatever standpoint one starts, the extent of the mix differs: sometimes more folky, sometimes more African. It is a thrill that musicians can get together from different places and create something unified. A positive view of globalisation. Except....
The authorities are making it harder to get the visas and work permits required to encourage this interconnection.
The Vortex, for example, is registered with the Border Agency for issuing work permits.  They can be issued in minutes nowadays. Except that it is getting harder overall. Because there are fewer venues registered. (No suprise, as once the application  is in, there then follows a 90 minutes interview with 3 officials.)
It's the same for musicians wanting to go to the US. I know of several who now can't be bothered, because of the paperwork, or don't meet the criteria. All that work that Pete King undertook to at least creative exchanges, now undone.