Friday, October 01, 2010

Three gigs to watch out for over the next week

Amit Chaudhuri - Vortex Saturday
Author and singer Amit Chaudhuri launches his new album Found Music (coming out on the Babel-Vortex label) this Saturday at the Vortex. Amit is known for his novels and cultural essays, but is equally a singer. This gig will show that to be the case.

Richard Faihurst Triptych, Sam Leak - Pizza Express. Monday
Richard's new album just got a 4 star review in the Guardian. He "reappraises the classic piano-trio approach with varied original material". Meanwhile Sam Leak will contrast with his new band. (Recording to come out on Babel soon.)

Carsten Daerr Trio, Tom Arthurs/Richard Fairhurst - Vortex Thursday
Carsten Daerr leads a great dynamic piano trio from Berlin. Highly rhythmic, highly charged. Playing opposite them are the duo of  Tom Arthurs and Richard Fairhurst. Their next album on Babel, first performed at the Proms last year, will be the second for this duo on Babel.

I started looking through the London Jazz Festival programme for Babel-oriented gigs. There are lots this year. Makes a change from a few years ago! Further information soon.